Dominate Google SERP with these Must read Link building articles

  1. Search engine ranking factor from Seomoz It should be a crime to be blogging for more than 3 months without going through this article at least thrice. The article talks about all types of positive and negative ranking factors. The relevant positive factors are Anchor Text of Inbound Link, Global Link Popularity of Site, Link Popularity within the Site, Topical Relevance of Inbound Links, Link Popularity of Site in Topic and Global Link Popularity of Linking sites. Most important negative ranking factors are External Links to Low Quality sites and Participation in Link Schemes.
  2. Link Value Factors Explained As we have learned in the article above not all links contribute equally to your ranking on Google. Several factors influence how much value is added by a particular link. This article has 17 SEO experts discussing the importance of 40 factors on the value of a link.
  3. The Secret to Making Every Link Count For Your SEO Rankings Simple but highly useful article about importance of getting organic links from relevant websites to different posts on the blog. Avoid getting all links to your homepage or links with identical achor text. Getting links too fast may raise some flags at the Big G.
  4. How Getting a Link is Like Picking up a Woman Perhaps one of the best explanations about what you can do get links to your post naturally. The comparison with picking up a woman, drives home the points even for non-geeks.
  5. Most Overlooked SEO Metric: Link Placement The post talks about importance of link placement within the page. Good point to remember while building links
  6. Link Building Strategies: 69 Solid Tactics For 2009
  7. 30 Ways to Get Links Naturally & Stop Link Building
  8. The Definitive List (75+) of Link Building Techniques in 2008
  9. A Linkbuilding Method So Effective I Can’t Believe It’s Not Blackhat Talks about a very simple but effective way to build links from authority sites, organically.
  10. A Big Roundup Of Link Building Tools As the title suggests this is indeed a big roundup of link building tools that are useful.

Finally do consider using the Link Building Report Template to better organize your link building efforts.

Author: Kunal Kumar

Kunal Kumar is the editor of BinaryDay. An avid geek, he is usually found browsing through the Interwebs to get the latest news in the world of technology and gadgets.

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