Do you really know your RSS subscriber number? Sure??

I know that is a stupid question. Obviously you know your rss subscriber number or do you? The reality is you think you know your subscriber number, but you are wrong. You are absolutely wrong. You have at least twice the number of feedburner subscribers, you think you have. You think I have lost my mind? Please give me a chance and read on. You will be glad that you did.

If you are like me and look at the feedburner counter on your blog to find out the number of rss subscribers, then you are in for a surprise. Get Ready for the surprise.

  1. Log into your feedburner account.
  2. click on the link “See more about your subscribers”
  3. Go to the bottom of the page and click on FeedBurner Email Subscriptions. Then click on Manage Your Email Subscriber List
  4. You can see the details of the feedburner subscribers. Look at the Status field. Look carefully. Do you find a good number of people with status of unverified??

These are the people who liked your blog. They wanted to subscribe to you but have somehow forgotten to click on the confirmation mail. Will you ever find a better list of people to convert into feed subscribers??

How do I convert the unverified users into feed subscribers?
Simple, send them a reminder. Not worth the effort, is it? A lazy person is the best one to take advice from and I am yet to come across someone who can beat me on laziness :) So I started googling for a solution. And the solution is Notify unconfirmed subscribers plugin for wordpress.

This plugin automates the process of sending reminder emails to unconfirmed feed subscribers. Make sure to try this plugin. BTW do not forget to come back to this page and say thanks to me by giving me a digg or stumble. ;-)

Author: Kunal Kumar

Kunal Kumar is the editor of BinaryDay. An avid geek, he is usually found browsing through the Interwebs to get the latest news in the world of technology and gadgets.

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